Meat Inspection


Meat inspection is regulated by the Meat Safety Act (Act No. 40 of 2000).


  • Meat Safety Act, Act No. 40 of 2000

All animals entering an abattoir must be inspected before slaughter during the ante-mortem inspection as well as after slaughter during the primary meat inspection.  Primary meat inspection determines the suitability of a carcass or part thereof for consumption and the meat inspector is required to make a judgment in this regard.  The judgment may be; approved, conditionally approved, total condemnation and partial condemnation.  Secondary meat inspection only takes place if a carcass is not passed after the primary meat inspection.  Meat inspection may only be performed by a registered meat inspector.

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A new Meat Inspection Scheme has been released from December 2015. Click on the link to view and download the PDF Document.